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With RECARO Maritime Seats – helm seats for boats and yachts – skippers enjoy lashings of comfort and ergonomic support on the high seas. The extensive expertise of RECARO Automotive Seating in the manufacture of vehicle seats has flowed into the development of the maritime seats by SUN MARINE SEATS, the license partner of RECARO for Maritime Seats.
Seats used in the maritime environment are only approved by RECARO, when these seats are manufactured by SUN MARINE SEATS.

RECARO Maritime Seats impress with their attractive design, perfect styling and ergonomic properties as well as the high quality of the materials and coverings used. The helm seats are also noted for being long-lasting and resilient.

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First class Seating

First class Seating. Owners of the more expensive cars, aircraft passengers and even formula one drivers know what that means: Recaro. Recaro is one of the most famous car seat builders.

Sun Marine Seats
Sun Marine Seats is a company on its own, that has specialised in building helm seats by using the Recaro car seats. This means you will have a quality product, you can expect with the name Recaro. Sun Marine Seats uses the best leather for the upholstery, for outdoor use there is even a seat with a complete stainless steel frame. The pedestals, footrests and multi-rails make it all complete.

Complete from A till Z
Sun Marine Seats has the complete production in its own hands, by working with her sister company Sun Stainless Steel and other good companies. Because of this way of manufacturing Sun Marine Seats is holding her finger at every step in the production of your seat. It does not matter if you choose for a standard product or a seat custom built, in both cases Sun Marine Seats will keep the process in her own hands, to make sure you get what you want. When you want a seat with seat cushion extension, lumbar support or adjustable footrest, or maybe you want a seat with complete electrical adjustments, all these things are possible. So as you can see with a Recaro Maritime helm seat from Sun Marine Seats you are always going the right course

Sun Marine Seats BV • Nijverheidstraat 60/2 • 6681 LN Bemmel


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